Lite Line

TUFO LITE line represents the highest world quality and technological level of tubular and tubular clincher tires. This paramount level has been achieved with application of the best materials resulting from the latest in scientific and technological research together with utilizing unique manufacturing technologies.

What makes TUFO LITE tubular tires exceptional?
  • Weight - the most important factor; saving of the weight on the circumference of the wheel has far more importance than saving the weight on solid parts of the bicycle, because lower weight of the rotating parts (wheels) makes faster acceleration possible. Low weight of tubular tires TUFO LITE has not been achieved on account of other important tire properties. On the contrary, these tubular tires (in their weight categories) provide the rider with long tread life and excellent puncture resistance.

  • High inflation pressure - significant factor for minimizing rolling resistance, that gives the rider wings - tangible ease of riding is brought about with high inflation pressures. Tubular tires TUFO LITE work the best when inflated between 145 and 220 PSI. Due to the tire construction and their total true shape, the ride is very smooth and quiet.

  • Rolling resistance - it is in fact a force preventing a rider from easy riding, and has an exceptional significance. With the combination of properties mentioned in paragraphs above, the rolling resistance of tubular tires TUFO LITE is guaranteed to be at absolute minimum.

  • Adhesion - very important factor for a safe ride. Tread compound formed with combination of high percentage activated silica and synthetic rubbers assures excellent grip either on wet or dry pavement.

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